actual quote, just taken out of context

"when i was two i was sleepin' around a lot and i needed help."

strike to the ego

"you have a penis!" suzy exclaims to one of the boys as he goes potty.

"i have one too!" another boy shouts as he leans his pelvis closer so she can get a good look.

"yeah, but his is smaller." she states about the first boy.

talk about making a guy feel inferior.

talk about it

suzy sings, "talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, do-do-do-do, talk about it...won't you take me to funkytown!"

i ask her where funkytown is.

"i don't know. it's just what my dad sings!"

and i'll never forget the first week of school when she was sitting at the table drawing when she burst out with, "hello, my name is johnny cash."


i like it, i love it

"i'm gonna miss you so much on my stay home days. are you gonna miss me?" suzy asks.

"of course!" i say.

"i like you so much and i'm gonna miss you so much!" she says as she does that thing where you tilt your head, lift your shoulder a bit and give a grin with raised eyebrows.

get. in. my. pocket. now. i'm taking you home.

meat is murder

"does that have meat in it?" suzy asks of my bowl of soup.

i check the ingredients and let her know it contains seafood.

"oh. i decided not to eat animals." she replies.

wow, that feels good.



"weh-see, i got hey-cut!" billy says as soon as i walk in the door. "i got hey-cut, i got hey-cut!"

it's nearly buzzed off in that just-right-to-the-touch length and another teacher asks, "can i touch your haircut?"

"NOOOOHHHH!" he replies. "weh-see i got hey-cut, i got hey-cut."

guess he just wanted to make sure i knew.


maybe you're cra-zaay

while in the midst of dancing during our group time this morning, suzy spots a teacher outside our front door dancing along to our music through the window.

"she's crazy, isn't she?" suzy asks me.

"yep," i say "i love it!"

"yeah, she's crazy. she's very very very rockstar!"



you b**ch!

"more pizza," billy exclaims.

"you betcha!" says the substitute teacher.

[GASP] "that's not appropriate!" yells suzy.

"you betcha?" asks the dumbfounded sub.

"that's not a good word." she repremands.

"oh, sorry." the teacher says shrinking back in her already tiny children's chair.


da chain?

"dat's cool." billy says

"it's off the chain." i add.

"dat's cooool!" billy repeats.

"that's cool, that's off the chain." i say.


"yeah! off the chain!"

"WHAAA? da chain? wha chain?" he says as he looks at me quite puzzled.

"off. the. chain. it means it's cool. it's off the chain."

"oh, off da chain!?"

"yeah! off the chain!!!"

"noooo. no off a chain!" he shouts angrily.

i'd be angry too if someone kept pestering me about street lingo.