all da way nay-ted babies

Remember "all da way nay-ted" boy? Well, he strikes again!

One of the teachers in class just had her baby. A few weeks back I brought a bunch of books from the library to read and discuss with the children to prepare them for her departure and for the arrival of her first baby. They've all been buzzing with thoughts and ideas.

One book shows babies at different stages-real photographs-where all they have on are colorful cloth diaper covers, EXCEPT for the newborn, which is naked. Billy thought this was SO hillarious and makes sure to point it out to me every time we read it.

We were all playing outside when we got the news that the teacher had her baby.

"Billy, teacher Suzy had her baby!" I say with delight, thinking he'll be so excited he won't be able to contain himself...Nothing. A short glance up at me, a look of disinterest, and back to the shovel and pail full of sand which seem much more exciting.

"And it was NAKED!" I say with certainty that this will surely get his attention. He looks up from what he's doing, gets a grin on his face and asks,

"All da way nay-ted?!"

"YES!" I shout with glee as he gets the biggest smile on his face I've seen all day.

"A-HEE!" He giggles, then proceeds to tell anyone who asks about Suzy's baby that it was, in fact, 'all da way nay-ted.'


bye-bye poop and pee!

Standing in front of the mini-toilet, completly naked, Billy shouts into the bowl,

"Bye-bye poop and pee!"

Then dances a little jig singing, "I'm all da way nay-ted!" To which I point out his clothes resting in a pile on the floor.

About three minutes later when I came back into the bathroom, I realized he had spent the entire time manuvering both of his legs into one of the legs of his sweatpants, rendering him a very cute-but totally imoblie- mermaid.

"Ahh-heeh-heeh!" Was all he had to say to me.