pumpkin head

we were talking with the kids today about our trip to the pumpkin patch coming up next friday. while we were sitting at "circle time" they were all abuzz with comments and questions. as we moved on to snack and were sitting at the table, i asked my friends sitting with me what kind of pumpkin they thought they would choose.

one said he wanted a little tiny one, another said she wanted one as big as her dad and billy said,

"i want one the exact shape of my head!" he said as he motioned his hands around his head like measurements.



everyone has a different version of beautiful...

billy was gathering his things to leave class today and his dad told him they needed to go pick someone up at the airport. billy looks up at me and says,

"it's beautiful. the airport is."

and as i'm asking to make sure he said the airport was beautiful he looks at the clock behind me and says,

"oh no! we gotta go, we're gonna be late!"

(i assure you he cannot tell time yet. he is a VERY young three.)

"okay," i say as he rushes away. "bye!"

"see you in a couple days!" he says over his shoulder. "alright?"

yeah, it's alright with me.


i'm goin' to disneyland!

i walked two three year old boys to the bathroom the other day and one chose the toilet, the other chose the urinal. i walked back to the classroom, then came back a minute later to check on them. i hear the flush of the urinal and then,

"oh, cooool! it's like splash mountain!"

i thought i heard him wrong. i peeked in and he looked at me and said,

"it's like splash mountain at disneyland!"

funny, i remember it a little diferently.


Who's the boss?

Since the start of school this week I've been called Many different names. "Mr. Bachman" "Mrs. Bock-a -Min" "Ms. BlockMin" and My personal favorite, "Mrs. bossman" oh yes, he who is young is wise.