what would you bring baby jesus?

we were talking to the children about what the three wise men brought to baby jesus when he was born and then we asked the children what they might bring if they were going to give a gift to jesus. here are an assortment of answers from my four and five-year-olds.

"a big hug."

"i'm gonna bring lucy, my puppy. she will slobber."

"hola kitty boots."

"gold racecars and stuff. and playdoh." to which another child responds, "jesus might eat playdoh."

"i'm gonna bring gold and frankinsence. if i can find a real 'x' and a stick i could give it to baby jesus but he might eat that stick."

"i would give him a light-saver, it's a sword. do you think he would want that billy?" to which billy responds, "it might be too big for him."

"a bag of stickers. how 'bout that?"

"a fish. one that looks like nemo."

"i don't know...i JUST. DON'T. KNOW!"


billy, mary, whatever

one little boy really likes to wear the new dresses we have in the home center and he really likes to be mary and hold the baby jesus.

i ask who he is (because i just can't resist his scratchy little three-year-old voice)

"i'm mary. i'm gonna have a baby today." he says in a sparkly dress and angel wings.

jesus was born where?

we've been talking a lot about christmas in our class (since we are a christian preschool) and i've gotten some pretty interesting reponses to my questions.

me: "who was jesus' dad?"
child: "joe-fish!"

me: "where was jesus born?"
child: "in a sta...stadium!"

me: "what was the angel's name who told mary she was going to have a baby?"
child: "gab-ah-reel!"

and we also have changed our home center from a kitchen to a stable with a manger and hay and a baby jesus. there's lots of clothes for the kids to dress like mary and joseph and angels. one little girl puts on an angel outfit every day and i ask, "who are you?"

"i'm the angel gabriel!" she replies.

"do you have a message for mary?" i ask. then she runs over to whomever is dressed as mary and shouts,

"mary, mary, you're gonna have a baby and his name's gonna be JESUS!" and she giggles and smiles the biggest smile.