brush your hair

This has nothing to do with children. This is just a very important question.

How many strokes does it take to successfully brush your hair? That sounds something like, "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a toostie roll tootsie pop", but this is a much more important question. One that some lame owl doesn't cheat to find the answer to.

Marsha Brady thought you had to brush your hair 100 times-on each side. Apparently, so did the woman in front of me on I-5 while we were in stop and go traffic. That's fine, I don't have a problem with that, but as the traffic speeds up to upwards of 45mph, she is still brushing her hair.

Brushing and brushing and brushing. For TEN MINUTES! I'm not exaggerating, I promise. Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Ten minutes doesn't seem like a long time." But I just dare you to brush your hair for ten minutes. One or more of the following may happen:

-You will get REALLY tired
-Large clumps of your hair will fall out
-You'll have so much static cling going on, that you could supply power to a small village
-You'll get into an accident (that is, if you are attempting to do this while operating a large vehicle, such as a CAR!!!)

Well, the lady did not get into an accident, but if you see a yellow Ford Focus with California license plates and support our troops "ribbons" driving around, beware. She was the worst driver EVER! Be aware.




Remember "lie-dee-die-dee" boy?

He needed help with his coat today. He kept flipping it-you know the flip, right? When you put your coat on the floor, put your arms in the holes and flip it over your head. You know you want to do it, since you haven't in years I'm sure!

But he couldn't flip it right. He cried out to me,

"Wah-seee! Hehp!"

I was washing the tables, so I told him to ask Suzy.

He then started running around the room, with his coat half on, upside down shouting in his little asian accent,

"Suzy-boo, haaaeeehp! Suuuuzy-booooo!"

Maybe you had to be there...or actually hear how funny it is. Say it to yourself if you need to. Go ahead, no one's listening. SEE?! It's so cute!!!



I call tickles that you get on your back "liedeediedees". You probably call it "tickles" or "scratchies," that works too.

I love getting liedeediedee on my back...someone could do that for hours (if they know the proper technique.) During rest time, I did some liedeediedees for billy. He fell asleep almost instantly.

A few days later when I was leaving for my lunch, I walked by his cot and grabbed his blanket to cover him up. He stops my hand, pushes the blanket away and looks up at me,


Like I'm going to say no to that!



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brown noser
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here's the pictures.

brown noser

Today as we were painting our faces...hmm, maybe I should start from the beginning. Nah, this way is more fun.

So as four kids were going to town painting all over their faces, necks and hands I was snapping pictures. One boy wasn't painting his face at all. I think he didn't quite understand what was going on so I gave him a little dollop on his nose. He thought this was hillarious!

Another boy took his painty Q-tip and put some brown paint on his nose. I told him to give me an eskimo kiss with his nose. Then he decided I still needed more paint on my nose and used his finger to put more on.

I only realized about a half an hour later when I was getting lunch ready, that there was a perfect little brown handprint on my right breast.

Lesson: watch those little hands getting fresh when you're sneaking an eskimo kiss!

p.s. I did manage to get a nice manicure, though. I had to post the pictures seperately...my computer skills are lacking since I don't spend all day at the computer anymore.