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Illustration Friday

After thinking a while, and also realizing that all I have time for is a doodle, I came to the conclusion that my biggest dream is to be a mother.

I can remember my friends in college joking that I was more excited to have kids than to get married...

I think the two might actually be tied for first place.


room for rent

Steena's new tattoo!
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I'm moving on September 3rd.

I got this picture via e-mail today of my soon-to-be roommate.

I'm scared, someone hold me!!!



Me and Mohamad
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Can I keep him?



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Illustration Friday

When my computer at work goes to sleep, or when I have to restart it, I can see my reflection in the monitor.

Side note: My life's been too insane to actually do any real art. So much for I.F. being a motivator. Maybe after I move in a couple weeks things will settle down.



new hair

New hair
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Here is a bad self portrait of my new hairstyle. Of course, I can't get it to look the same as it did when I left the salon.

And contrary to my expression, I actually DO like it.

EDIT: Throughout the day, I've gotten many comments on my hair. The breakdown is as follows...

Comments when people like your new hairstyle:
"Oooh, your hair looks good!"
"Wow, you look hot!"
"The highlights go great with your complexion."
"It's gorgeous!"
"Wow, you're a rockstar! Can I have your autograph?"

[Note the emphasis on my hottness, and what they like about my hair]

Comments when people do not like your new hairstyle (or just aren't used to the change):
"It's RED!"
"You cut your hair."
"Your hair looks darker."
"You have bangs now."

[Nnote the emphasis on stating the OBVIOUS]

Comments that do not fit in any certain category:
"Did you WANT it to be red?"
"Now you're going to have hair in your eyes all the time."
"You look more goth! ::eyebrow wiggle and grin::



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Illustration Friday


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Illustration Friday



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