you want more what?

yesterday we had enchilada bake for lunch. the children kept asking for more apple and i told them they could have more apple if they had one bite of enchilada bake or peas. when the fifty-millionth child asked for more apple, i told her one of her friends could explain to her. billy chimes in, "leslie said before you have more apple, you need to take a bite of chinchilla or peas first."

yes, eat a bite of the class pet little girl. (we don't really have a chinchilla for a class pet.)

then when he wanted more enchilada bake later he asked, "could i have some more chinchil...chilad...NOODLES?!"


what in the...

suzy is riding a trike pulling a wagon. she's having trouble pulling both of the girls in the back so she stops and turns around to give them a message:

suzy: "one of you needs to get out"
both girls at once: "not me!"
suzy: "well, i just can't pull both of you. one of you can get out and push."
both girls at once: "not me!"
suzy: starting to get flustered, "well...UGH! HOLY in this world! will someone just get out and push!"

of heaven...and fathers

two separate yet related conversations in the past few days:

girl 1: "...actually i have two fathers, god and my dad."
girl 2: "and don't forget about jesus. jesus is god."
girl 3: "but who is jesus?"
girl 1: "don't you know jesus? you have to know him and ask him into your heart. don't you have jesus in your heart?"
girl 3: stares wide eyed, blankly

suzy: "god is in control of the rain."
billy: "yeah 'cuz he lives up in heaven!"
me: "where's heaven?"
billy: "up in the sky!"
me: "then why haven't i ever seen heaven, or god?"
zuzy: "you just can't see him."
billy: "yeah, he's indivisible."


red cross

today the school-age kids where at school because of mlk jr. day. they were in the hall coming up with some ideas about decorating jars to collect money to help people in haiti.

one boy (who used to be in my threes class long ago!) was explaining to me what their ideas were...

"we're going to make jars so people can donate money to redd foxx."

"you mean red cross?" asked his teacher.

"oh yeah, that."



suzy comes in with striped socks.

"i have striped socks too!" i say and lift up my pant leg a bit. "oh, wait. are those socks or tights?" i ask.

she thinks for a moment like she's unsure of how to answer.

"i mean, mine are socks because they stop at my knees." i explain.

a look of understanding comes across her face. "mine are TIGHTS! because they go all the way up to my bottom."

crazy hair

after rest time one boy pops up from his cot and looks around. suzy looks over and giggles. "billy, it looks like you sleeped good! because of your hair!"

to which he just smiled.


yoga anyone?

okay, so it's really sad that it's been over a year since i posted any great kid quotes or stories. for the three people that read this (one of those people is myself) here you go!

at morning meeting things start to get a little out of control. the kids are starting to get a little loud. my co-teacher and i decide to sit back and let them all try to work it out on their own.

after a few minutes of the children shushing each other and telling one another what they need to be doing, one girl shouts out, one hand on her hip, one finger pointing all about; "guys, we either need to just do our jobs or we need to do some oms."

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