four boys from the fours and fives class were playing some sort of pushing game on the yard. i walked over to them and spoke to them briefly about stopping that game, letting the boy who was being pushed that if he needs help, he can come and talk to me and i would help him.

five minutes later i felt a little hand enter mine and start pulling. he started talking with such desperation i could hardly understand him. it was the little boy that was being pushed, and he was still being bothered by the other boys, so I called them over.

as i tried to understand what the little boy was saying, the "pusher" in question looks at me with the straightest face and says,

"are we still talking about that pushing?"

it was everything i could do not to laugh. it was like he was sincerely annoyed that we were talking about a subject he felt we already resolved. Like, didn't we already discuss this already?!

after we resolved that the little boy didn't want to be destroyed by the "robots" he walked away leaving the annoyed boy still standing in front of me.

He looked at me, shrugged and gave me a wink, as if to say, "it's cool, toots, you're just doing your job."



while working with the clay, billy holds up a small crumbled ball of clay. In a small voice he says,

"it's little tiny crap!"

as i pushed my bulged eyes back in my head, i thought for a moment then asked,

"a tiny CRAB?"

"Yeps." he replied as i let out a sigh of relief.

sidenote: we do have a family who interacts with each other by calling one another "ass face" so you just never know.


oh, thanks!

i was helping billy with his shoes.

"open the velcro and pull out the tongue." I directed.

"this shoe has tongue? that's silly." billy replied as he giggled.

after a few minitues of distraction, he came back to his challenge.

"this have tongue and i have tounge," he shows me his tongue.

"i do too!" i state enthusiastically and stick my tounge out.

"yer have BIG one!" he exclaims with wide eyes.

"oh, thanks." I reply.


who do you love?

as we were all gathering by the door to go outside, out of nowhere suzy said to suzzette, "i love you!" to which suzzette promptly replied, "i love you, and i love you billy" from there it was a domino effect. even the little boy who barely speaks english said "love you!" one of those moments that you're like, "ohmygoshmykidsaresocute!"

then when we got outside a boy from my class last year came up to me. "hi." he said with a smile. i said, "billy, guess what? i love you very much!" he paused and whispered something. i leaned down and asked him to repeat himself. he said, "i love you and i like you."

i'm just going to put them in my pocket and take them home. yep, that's what i'll do.

p.s. speaking of love, i posted new pictures from our honeymoon on my flickr account. go see them!