too much time on my hands

I’m having way too much fun. And I only got to page 12.

The other day, I googled, "Leslie is" and here’s what I found. I did not alter any of these in any way, other than to cut them down into smaller bite size pieces for you to munch. If you don’t believe me, google me yourself!

Some of these are all too true. I did include one link, only because it seriously almost made me pee my pants.

Leslie is Leslie
Leslie Is Different
Leslie is also a regular guest on QVC Home Shopping Channel.
Leslie is an instrument rated commercial pilot with more than 900 hours in various aircraft.
Leslie is the face of American women's basketball
Leslie Is Back in Town
Leslie is doing the Jog with others in the video.
Leslie is always able to explain our lab results and tests better
Leslie is the kind of speaker you can listen to again and again
Leslie is the envy of all the girls.
Leslie is wasted, Kryptonite drunk dodgeball photos.
Leslie is sacked by tv plus reporters
Leslie is out of control.
Leslie is also a fashion model and aspiring actress on the side.
Leslie is skeptical.
Leslie is a stylish writer
Leslie is a pig dog - grunt, grunt...
Leslie is a joke! She played with fire and got burnt.
Leslie is pregnant with number 11
Leslie is not satisfied
Leslie is creating applique thangkas
Leslie is seduced onto the dance floor
Leslie is a corporate lawyer, rich, but also a porn addict.
Leslie is a sucker.
Leslie is the stuff of many legends
Leslie is a role model in many ways
Leslie is president ...
Leslie is an incredibly ugly bride or just an incompetent transvestite.
Leslie is awesome!
Leslie is very encouraging and no matter how tired you are
Leslie is having midlife doubts
Leslie is a problem.
Leslie is an attractive, competent heroine
Leslie is a commanding presence with a black iron skillet
Leslie is the main drainage inspector
Leslie is hanging from the balloon
Leslie is very careful with the moves that she chooses
Leslie is deathly afraid of escalators.
Leslie is the best person ever!
Leslie is escorted by police officers
Leslie is running for mayor
Leslie is dismissed.
Leslie is both woman (dog) and puppet.

And with that last one, I think I’m done. I don’t know that I’d find anything more TRUE than that!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw a picture of one of these statements of me and leave it in a comment.


M. Patrizio said...

Wow, you are a very busy girl! My fave: "Leslie is an incredibly ugly bride or just an incompetent transvestite"

colby said...

my picture of you running for mayor won't post. i failed at my mission.