do i post anything that doesn't involve the word "poop?"

Billy sat on the toilet staring up at me with his big blue eyes.

"Do you feel the pee coming?" I ask.
"Not yet." He says in a half-grunt.

A minute passes.

"Any pee yet?"

I'm starting to think he's stalling. Stalling to get out of what? Playing with leggos, reading books...what could be better than that? Apparently getting one on one time with me while sitting on the toilet.

"How do you know when the pee is coming?" I ask, half thinking he'll say 'I just know!'

He takes a deep breath, and starts his explanation. "Well, you see, the pee travels down and down (as he makes a back and forth motion as you would if you were tracing your intestines) and comes down to my penis, then out of my pee-pee. Then it goes into the toilet and down to the pipes where it goes into a special box where the poop and pee go. There, it's all mixed together and changed back into water and comes back up again," he says as he makes a swirling motion in the toilet bowl, much like the water does when you flush and it fills back up again.

Makes sence to me.

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René said...

Here's one for you:
A first grader was doing some nose mining and I said, "get your finger out of your nose."
His response: "But thews something bwocking my aiw! I can't bweethe!"

It was REALLY hard not to laugh! :)