that's not poop!

Because this story involves two "Suzies," I will call one Suzy, and one Sue.

Suzy was busy putting her baby's diaper on it's naked little body when Sue walked up to her and pointed at the doll, "Your baby has poop!" she exclaimed.

"No she doesn't," Suzy said. "Where?"
"Right there!" Sue points directly at the doll.

Suzy then understands that her friend is very confused and straightens the matter up quickly,
"That's not her poop, that's her PEE-NUSS!"

"Oh." Sue says, as if it's the most logical explanation she's ever heard.

I have the answer to the question you're thinking in your head. The answer is YES. Yes, we do have politically AND anotomically correct baby dolls in our classroom. This doll happened to be an african-american boy baby. Make sense now?

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