brown noser

Today as we were painting our faces...hmm, maybe I should start from the beginning. Nah, this way is more fun.

So as four kids were going to town painting all over their faces, necks and hands I was snapping pictures. One boy wasn't painting his face at all. I think he didn't quite understand what was going on so I gave him a little dollop on his nose. He thought this was hillarious!

Another boy took his painty Q-tip and put some brown paint on his nose. I told him to give me an eskimo kiss with his nose. Then he decided I still needed more paint on my nose and used his finger to put more on.

I only realized about a half an hour later when I was getting lunch ready, that there was a perfect little brown handprint on my right breast.

Lesson: watch those little hands getting fresh when you're sneaking an eskimo kiss!

p.s. I did manage to get a nice manicure, though. I had to post the pictures seperately...my computer skills are lacking since I don't spend all day at the computer anymore.

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