who do you love?

as we were all gathering by the door to go outside, out of nowhere suzy said to suzzette, "i love you!" to which suzzette promptly replied, "i love you, and i love you billy" from there it was a domino effect. even the little boy who barely speaks english said "love you!" one of those moments that you're like, "ohmygoshmykidsaresocute!"

then when we got outside a boy from my class last year came up to me. "hi." he said with a smile. i said, "billy, guess what? i love you very much!" he paused and whispered something. i leaned down and asked him to repeat himself. he said, "i love you and i like you."

i'm just going to put them in my pocket and take them home. yep, that's what i'll do.

p.s. speaking of love, i posted new pictures from our honeymoon on my flickr account. go see them!

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