hello, i'm leslie bachman

i walked in to class today to find out that i had already arrived. my co-teacher said, "leslie bachman's already here." one girl really likes to pretend my name is hers and i knew just where to find her.

i met up with suzy in the bathroom as she was getting her sunscreen on.

"hello, i'm suzy suzington!" i said (except that i used her actual name).

"oh, hi. i'm leslie bachman." she said with a giggle.

"well, i guess i can go home now. see you later!" to which she got a horrified look on her face and begged me not to go home.

yeah, they are pretty big flip-flops to fill.


shemaiah said...

I sometimes pretend I m Leslie Bachman too

PhotogMama said...

If I were going to pretent to be Leslie Bachman, I wouldn't even have to learn a new birthday! Fantastic! I miss you, Les! I'm hoping that my sweetie will let me host a "Come Pee in our Potty" Party as soon as our bathroom remodel is done... I'd love to see you both.

Love, Krista