we were talking about the origin of names the other day and one of the teachers said, "names come from all different places..." to which the kids interrupted with "like the zoo?" "and north carolina?" "and new york?" "and outer space!!!"


i asked some of the children what i should name my baby. some of my favorites are:

pocahontas, angel, star, tomato, space girl, snowman, snowflake, apple, pingo, cook, macaroni and cheese and jesus.

i like space girl the best so far. what do you think?


Sarah Walden said...

Hey Leslie! I just got this blog link from reading your bulletin post on My Space, so I came over to check your cute blog out! I love reading these stories, and I can definitely relate. Space girl is a good name! :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Cook, since that is MY name! Actually, if one were to be more accurate, my lifelong nickname is "Cookie", which has been shortened to the more age appropriate "Cook".

And proud of it, I am!