teenage preschool politics, it's too confusing...

me: what's your cousin's name?
child: suzy. is your cousin sarah palin?
me: no.
child: you should vote for sarah palin.
me: everyone can vote for whomever they want.
child: i'm gonna vote for obama.
child 2: me too, i'm want barak obama like daddy!
me: or you could vote for john mccain.
child 3: i hate john mccain. we don't like george bush.
me: and i don't like talking politics with four-year-olds!

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Lisa Milton said...

My kids have definite, um, bizarre opinions about this election too.

Some straight from our lips; some I can't account for entirely.

And hey! I saw you from across the way recently. You are one mighty cute preggo lady!