new hair

New hair
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Here is a bad self portrait of my new hairstyle. Of course, I can't get it to look the same as it did when I left the salon.

And contrary to my expression, I actually DO like it.

EDIT: Throughout the day, I've gotten many comments on my hair. The breakdown is as follows...

Comments when people like your new hairstyle:
"Oooh, your hair looks good!"
"Wow, you look hot!"
"The highlights go great with your complexion."
"It's gorgeous!"
"Wow, you're a rockstar! Can I have your autograph?"

[Note the emphasis on my hottness, and what they like about my hair]

Comments when people do not like your new hairstyle (or just aren't used to the change):
"It's RED!"
"You cut your hair."
"Your hair looks darker."
"You have bangs now."

[Nnote the emphasis on stating the OBVIOUS]

Comments that do not fit in any certain category:
"Did you WANT it to be red?"
"Now you're going to have hair in your eyes all the time."
"You look more goth! ::eyebrow wiggle and grin::


les said...

I bet you can guess I figured out the banner thing. I'm such a hacker...

Aaron Courter said...

You're a hacker with hacker hair...that's a good thing. You can hack into secret, government controlled facilities and look good doing it! Alias Les is the new TV show about it.

les said...

No, it's actually called, "Aliles" see the subtle difference?

And I hack into the facilities to find folicular evidence in how to make my hair the best damned looking hair ever!

It's all about me...

...and my hair.

Rebeccashane said...

Your hair goes great with that room! :O) love it.

les said...

I'm going to be sad next week when I move and my hair won't match my room...

It's very important to try to coordinate these things, you know.