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Illustration Friday

When my computer at work goes to sleep, or when I have to restart it, I can see my reflection in the monitor.

Side note: My life's been too insane to actually do any real art. So much for I.F. being a motivator. Maybe after I move in a couple weeks things will settle down.



Ellen said...

Love the characture! Neat idea!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Part of the reason I like IF is that it is "illustration"... I might like it if it were "images/Friday" too... it is our own path to sharing what we experience, but without telepathy.

les said...

I guess for me, a doodle on a post-it can't really count as art...unless I were famous, then my thumbnail doodles would be worth MILLIONS!


But I'm not famous, so I guess it doesn't really count-at least not in my mind.

Rebeccashane said...

This is great.. I stare at that all day long ! great idea!

Tony LaRocca said...

Years ago (it may still be around) there was a brilliant program that- yes- blacked out the screen of your palm pilot so you could use it as a mirror! Someone actualy wrote the program for people who were too lazy to just turn the damn thing off! (Great pic, btw)

les said...

I had that program on my Palm.

And I used it.

A lot.

mich said...

i like the drawing! it made sense and gave me a warm-fuzzy-feeling of "yes, it happened to me too" (of realising that we can see our reflection on the turned-off monitor).. but after broadband i don't remember turning off my computer anymore except for rebooting every now and then ...