suffering and hope

Tree Painting
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Katrina has really been making me think a lot about the constant tension between man and nature. How man can build beautiful structures that take years just to perfect the design and even more years building, just to be swept away or broken down in moments by the wind, rain or earth.

It just makes me think of the fragility of life and the world we live in. I've thought about making prints of this painting, (it's actually two paintings that make one) selling them and giving the proceeds to Katrina survivors. If you have any tips on ways to make prints for fairly cheap, let me know since I've never done it before.


Aaron Courter said...

We want a print. What you do is you get a big ol' copier, slap the painting on it and make copies. Or not...

But we want a print. Get it done.

coffee81 said...

ilike the one on the right. looks relaxing. sorry though cos i really have no idea on how to achieve the look you want by combining two pieces together.

Alina Chau said...

Love the set. Nice paintings!