yoga anyone?

okay, so it's really sad that it's been over a year since i posted any great kid quotes or stories. for the three people that read this (one of those people is myself) here you go!

at morning meeting things start to get a little out of control. the kids are starting to get a little loud. my co-teacher and i decide to sit back and let them all try to work it out on their own.

after a few minutes of the children shushing each other and telling one another what they need to be doing, one girl shouts out, one hand on her hip, one finger pointing all about; "guys, we either need to just do our jobs or we need to do some oms."

click on title for reference.


wendy said...

That's hilarious! I have been WAITING to hear more from this blog! I'm so honored to be one of a special 3 people!! Oh I see...I'm not a "follower" yet. Well, that's about to change...

PhotogMama said...

I follow!