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illustration friday

i did this a while back for a bazaar. it's still for sale, if anyone's interested.


Rowantree said...

Nice watercolor, great composition with blue and green !

kg said...

great job. nice and organic.

scott said...

hey there les,
I see a blue octopus like creature with an eeiry
(lets just pretend I spelt that right) moon like white eye
it's my first time here.
you got some nice stuff here and on your art blog.
and I love broken down the page.
thanks for coming by my blue.
I can pretend you spelt psychadelic correctly because I think you have.
I just used the same spelling and it looks right to me.
I wish I had of made my image show up bigger, just for you.
I'll send you a bigger one if you want.
love scott

scott said...

I just came back to see that blue eye.
I'll be back to see it everytime.
love scott

hartini said...

great watercolor! :)

Alina Chau said...

Nice illo!