illustration friday...or lack thereof

Surprise Attempt #1 – A positive pregnancy test. Result: Too sketchy looking. Hand looked funny. Crumpled up and thrown in trash.

Surprise Attempt #2 – Mary when the Angel tells her she’s gonna pop out a kid, even though she’s a virgin, oh and by the way, he’ll be GOD! Result: Too cartoony. Crumpled up and thrown in the trash.

Surprise Attempt #3 – A dollar bill on the ground waiting to be picked up. Result: still on post-it pad. May soon be crumpled up and thrown in trash.

::drums fingers on pad of paper::

I’ve got a horrible case of "illustrators-block", if that even exists.


Rick Lovell said...

Do like I do...drag out an oldie that might, if one stretches their imagination far enough, fit the theme.
All your ideas sound great...I love the Mary one, deliciously irreverent for this time of year.

Nelly said...

Hey...you can't have a true "illustrator's-block" unless you are a "true illustrator". I found your "attempts" very entertaining. And who says something can't be illustrated with text, anyway. I'd say it was a pretty good SURPRISE.

Tatiana said...

I would love to see the crumpled papers. That might be a good image in itself.


les said...

i can't believe i dug through the garbage for art i don't even like.

but i hate it when other people throw their stuff away, so here:


Tatiana said...

:) Wow you are such a trooper for going back into your trash for it!!!

I actually like your 1st attempt with the pregnancy test.

Sometimes we need to throw things away and come back to it.

Teri C said...

The comments were worth the non-illio :)

ellia said...

hahah- your comments were funny and truthful! sometimes we write more one week while we cant illustrate, and other times we do more illos than writing.... its real- and it still gets ppl attracted to your work :)